Much loved online comics

I just fin­ished read­ing the first Sand­man vol­ume, Pre­ludes and Noc­turnes, which I’ve been want­i­ng to read for ages and ages, espe­cial­ly after a friend lent me the stand-alone Sand­man: End­less Nights. And now it hits me how much I real­ly do like graph­ic novels/comics. Pret­ty much like most peo­ple, I imag­ine, I do loads of read­ing — blogs, mag­a­zines, web­sites, the nev­er-end­ing pile of nov­els beside my bed (I did a degree in Eng­lish Lit, my eyes are utter­ly fed up of print); some­times it is great to be able to con­sume a nar­ra­tive which is more focused on the visu­als. Yeah, movies, I know. Not a mas­sive movie fan (and not too great a devo­tee of t.v. either how­ev­er this is most­ly due to lack of try­ing) and I put this down to a dis­like of hav­ing the pace dic­tat­ed to me (noth­ing wrong with that real­ly, except per­son­al­ly I like to re-read or skim as the fan­cy takes me).
Wait, wait, I’ve gone wild­ly off top­ic here haven’t I — this is sup­posed to be about online comics, not me vain­ly attempt­ing to defend why I have nev­er got round to watch­ing all those famous (and prob­a­bly bril­liant if you have bet­ter taste than mine) films. Online comics. Right. Last week, maybe the one before, I attempt­ed to sort out a book­case (hah, that always ends in ruina­tion and read­ing — epit­o­mised in the day I dis­cov­ered that I had a cache of Anne Mac­Caf­frey nov­els tucked behind the front row, cue day spent rem­i­nisc­ing and re-read­ing teenage favourites. Actu­al­ly, far worse than that when I think about it was find­ing that I had a box full of most of the Wheel of Time series. I will nev­er man­age to fin­ish them — and if I do I won’t be able to remem­ber the start by the end). Any­way, this time in my tidy­ing I found V For Vendet­ta which I love. I also, with a few minor excep­tions, love the film. Prob­lem, besides the derail­ing of my book­case sort­ing, was that I read it far, far too quick­ly to appre­ci­ate it. This is hard­ly a boast to my read­ing speed (it’s nifty enough to sur­vive an Eng­lish degree which is all it need be) and more a con­fes­sion of my sin­gle-mind­ed­ness when faced with a book I want fin­ished. I do noth­ing else. Not even mak­ing tea (for­tu­nate­ly I know plen­ty of peo­ple who will turn up and make it, unfor­tu­nate­ly they then tend to want me to leave my book and talk to them). Some books are real­ly great for this approach, some def­i­nite­ly are ruined by it (I am cur­rent­ly hid­ing my copy of The Road after I’ve read a bit of it because I think it’s being wast­ed on speedy read­ing. If I can’t slow my eyes down I can cer­tain­ly find sneaky ways around the prob­lem). What I need with comics is drip-feed­ing, which I know if how they’re sup­posed to work but I can’t cope with the idea of long gaps between new ones as I’d be so hap­py to see it I’d read it in one go and then be bored for what might feel like ages. But a dai­ly (or even week­ly, they’re free, I can’t com­plain) update of a sin­gle page at a time… what a fab­u­lous idea! And it even gives me some­thing to pro­cras­ti­nate with that ful­fils my need to faff with­out tak­ing up an appre­cia­ble amount of time.
Well, I’ve final­ly ram­bled my way around to the point here, sort of. I’ve been a ardent fol­low­er of Ques­tion­able Con­tent for a while now (how could you not be, it’s fab), along with Roza, Fey Winds, Han­na Is Not A Boy’s Name, and of course XKCD. And now I think of it, Lack­adaisy, even though it isn’t updat­ed so often. But all of these I found entire­ly by acci­dent (yes, I know, most of these are pret­ty hard to actu­al­ly avoid they’re so pop­u­lar). Sure­ly some­one out there must know of a way of locat­ing fab­u­lous comics (or could even rec­om­mend some)?