Pantone Minion Yellow

Pan­tone have seized upon an excel­lent pro­mo­tion­al idea and named a shade of yel­low after the min­ions from Despi­ca­ble Me and their upcom­ing movie, Min­ions (out July 10th, 2015).
Hope­ful­ly min­ion yel­low fills you with hap­pi­ness and not the urge to take over the world!

Uni­ver­sal pro­mot­ed Despi­ca­ble Me 2 with the Phar­rell Williams song Hap­py, writ­ten for the movie sound­track and a more stan­dard col­lab­o­ra­tion. The pan­tone colour won’t have the same audi­ence but helps to estab­lish a wider brand recog­ni­tion for both the movie and the colour com­pa­ny, plus it’s real­ly quite fun.

Colours define some brands very clear­ly: Coca-cola red or Face­Book blue for exam­ple (there’s a great list with the colours here). Pen­guin Books for exam­ple have a fan­tas­ti­cal­ly recog­nis­able colour selec­tion, with green for crime fic­tion, blue for non-fic­tion Pel­i­can titles, and of course the famous Pen­guin Orange, Pan­tone 1505. Sor­ry, had to men­tion some books, couldn’t resist! Only time will tell whether Min­ion Yel­low catch­es on to become that recog­nis­able.