Handwritten Fonts

Jesse Eng­land has made sev­er­al quirky videos show­ing you how hand­write dif­fer­ent fonts. So far he’s done Hel­veti­ca Light, Futu­ra, Micro­gram­ma, Mur­ray Hill, Papyrus, Com­ic Sans, Jok­er­man, Sten­cil and Tintin. It works a bit like learn­ing cal­lig­ra­phy, where you copy let­ters out sev­er­al times with grad­u­al­ly less guid­ance — Jesse pro­vides a prac­tice sheet and print­outs that you place behind it to trace. But it’s far more for­mu­la­ic and that’s a pret­ty good way of real­ly think­ing about fonts and see­ing how they are put togeth­er. Though judg­ing from the choice of fonts and Jesse’s pro­file pic, some of it is just pok­ing fun at how seri­ous­ly peo­ple take fonts and the cul­tur­al val­ues we asso­ciate with cer­tain ones.
Here’s Learn to Write Tinin, with some digs at the com­ic for it’s racist con­go “adven­ture”, though I retain a fond­ness for Tintin based on read­ing it so much as a child and nev­er hav­ing seen the guilty edi­tion.
And here’s Learn to Write Futu­ra, a more stan­dard font:
And if you want to leave a com­ment on the video? You can — by writ­ing to Jesse (hope­ful­ly in a font from the lessons) and post­ing it to him, old school style. I won­der if he would accept telegrams or maybe fax­es?