Buzzfeed title generator

You’ve prob­a­bly noticed that titles of arti­cles on many web­sites are becom­ing more like Buz­zfeed, who have a very dis­tinc­tive (and annoy­ing­ly linkbait­ing) style. Ravi Parikh noticed this and cre­at­ed a Buz­zfeed title gen­er­a­tor, that works pret­ty well. Bet­ter still, he’s adapt­ed it to do Buz­zfeed arti­cles from ancient Rome. 
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I’d quite like to see an adap­ta­tion of this where you could add your own vocab lists to gen­er­ate the­se for any the­me you can think up. Cat meme based ones may­be? Or Shake­speare?