Language Change

The Guardian has a won­der­ful arti­cle about how “errors” have got­ten Eng­lish to where it is now. I knew, like many peo­ple I expect, that adders were once nad­dres. It’s inter­est­ing and help­ful of the Guardian to include the links to Wikipedia, although a bit sur­pris­ing as you would think that a major news­pa­per would know a more offi­cial web­site to link to, but maybe Wikipedia real­ly does have the best and most reli­able arti­cle on this (or the jour­nal­ist is as lazy as the rest of us about going beyond the first place that comes to mind). Great to know some of the ways that lan­guage changes in use — I won­der if some researchers have tried pre­dict­ing where it will go next? Would be good to get them to pre­dict and then reveal their the­o­ries in fifty years time to see how close they were.