Romain Laurent GIFs

Nor­mal­ly when I think of GIFs it is about fun­ny clips of peo­ple look­ing amazed or of cor­gis look­ing cute. But Romain Laurent’s GIFs, or loop­ing por­traits as he calls them, are minia­ture art­works, many of which are slight­ly dis­con­cert­ing. I’ve cho­sen the eeri­est one I could find, although there are plen­ty of con­tendors here on his tum­blr. He can also be found at his web­site and on insta­gram — plen­ty of, well I would have said nor­mal pho­tos but they are decid­ed­ly not, lets stick to sta­t­ic pho­tos

looped picture titled "An inner ghost"