Colour of 2014

Pan­tone say that the colour of 2014 is Radi­ant Orchid. It’s maybe feel­ing a bit win­tery for it at the moment but I expect I’ll warm up to it, just like with last year’s Emer­ald. I still think Emer­ald is not the name I’d choose as emer­alds them­selves always seemed much dark­er to me; Radi­ant Orchid is much more accu­rate­ly named and it is such an evoca­tive name: rare, exot­ic, and full of light.

Pantone Radiant Orchid
Radi­ant Orchid (Pan­tone 2060)

Part­ly Pan­tone are sell­ing an idea more than the colour — you only need to go look at their Pin­ter­est board to see that the focus is not so much on the shade or tone, but on a cer­tain feel. Lux­u­ry, cel­e­bra­tion, the unre­al, hyper­sat­u­ra­tion.
It’s quite inter­est­ing if your inter­net con­nec­tion isn’t too fast, as Pin­ter­est then loads the pins as sol­id colour blocks (I assume based on the most com­mon colour in the image) and you can real­ly see the vari­ety of colours, from pale laven­der through to hot magen­ta, that are rep­re­sent­ed in the images. On the oth­er hand, they’ve done a fan­tas­tic job of focus­ing on images where the back­ground colours are most­ly very neu­tral so there are no com­peti­tors against the pur­ples and pinks, or if not neu­tral then green which sets of the pur­ple and works well with the orchid idea.

Colour stan­dards spec­i­fied here, in case you want to to add a drop of this shade to your life.